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Providing application design, development services, and strategy since the dawn of the smartphone age

What We Offer

Have an idea for the next big thing? Are you tired of searching for and outsourcing to unreliable people? Is your deadline in jeopardy? Are you done being disappointed? You didn’t really think that creating software products was as simple as reading that latest book, did you? It involves experience and perspiration. Sometimes — it involves getting our fingernails (or more!) dirty...

Our Goals

  • Making your product dreams and vision a reality
  • Your total satisfaction through focusing on transparency and communication
  • Delivering greatness
  • Making a big difference for your customers
  • Choosing the simplest solution that will get the job done

The excitement, the passion, and the fun of creating award-winning products is a process VDG Group knows well. We have... over a decade of experience in hands on software engineering, product innovation, user interface design, and more. In short — we will help you turn your thoughts and ideas in to great stuff — and will make sure you succeed.

We bring hands on technical know-how and experience to your project. Our mission is to create beautiful, world class products that delight customers and meet your business needs. So if you need help getting your project started, you've come to the right place.

Mobile Applications for Smartphones

iPhone, Blackberry or Android? We have over a decade of experience with native apps on multiple platforms and devices. We are a leader in applying the new Rhodes cross platform mobile application framework.

Web Applications

Full service design and implementation of state of the art web applications with compelling features that make you stand out. We specialize in Ruby on Rails websites. We also have hands on experience writing Facebook applications.

Recent Products

ContactHero 2 for iOS: the power to track calls and clients so no business opportunity falls through the cracks

ContactHero® is a simple yet powerful contact manager designed for small business people and mobile professionals. Developed in Ruby on Rails for the web and also with a native app for iOS. Available on the App Store

Priorital (tm)

1. of or pertaining to priorities; 2. new app to focus on the important things to get done today; 3. a cure for todo lists that are out of control

MomentumDays (tm)

Momentum Calendar (aka "Sienfeld Calendar") app for mobile. Developed using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and jQuery Mobile.

Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development

iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Development and Distribution. Published 2010 by Apress.

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