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ContactHero.com — Online Contact Manager

ContactHero® is a simple yet powerful contact manager designed for small business people and mobile professionals. Developed in Ruby on Rails for the web and also with a native app for iOS. Available on the App Store and Google Apps Marketplace!

unspun.amazon.com — Online Community & Facebook Application

Developer on http://unspun.amazon.com a community oriented site built using Ruby on Rails, memcache, Apache, MYSQL, and Javascript (AJAX).

Principal developer Unspun by Amazon http://apps.facebook.com/unspun_lists/ a Facebook application. Funding was cut in Oct 2008 and the websites discontinued.

Video Tour of UnSpun.com and UnSpun Facebook Application from Vidal Graupera on Vimeo.

biodieselhq.com — Community Site

http://www.biodieselhq.com a community site built using the latest Ruby on Rails. It is built using XHMTL, CSS, AJAX, and MYSQL. It includes Google Maps and full text search, plus a mobile version at m.biodieselhq.com designed for small screen devices!

Trump Quotes — Facebook Application

The app is build using Ruby on Rails, RFacebook, FBML, CSS, and MYSQL. If you are on Facebook, please add Trump Quotes .

5thbar.com — Social Network

http://www.5thbar.com a social networking site built by the VDG Group using Ruby on Rails. It is built using XHMTL, CSS, AJAX, and MYSQL. It includes forums, full text search, RSS feeds, user sign ups, tagging, photo uploading, integration with Amazon, Ebay, Technorati, CNET, and other web service APIs.

5th Bar is the way to find reviews, news, and pricing about mobile phones, wireless phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories. Find video reviews, user opinions, most popular phones, forums, prices, and comparisons.

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